We are very excited about our formal tea, art show, and sale to be held on Sunday, August 31st. Renowned artist Deborah Emerick in collaboration with Sweet Shalom, will exhibit exquisite mosaic trays, tables, frames and more. Each piece is a one of a kind and created from our own tea house china. Often china becomes chipped, or horrors, even shattered, and our well-loved pieces can no longer grace our tables. However, we still love them and now they live on as repurpose items of beauty. The showing will be on the lawn and browsing will begin at 3:00 and finish at 7:00. At 3:30 we will break for a formal tea. During tea there will be a brief talk on the History of Mosaic Art.

Date: August 31st 3:00 PM

Cost: $21.95 for Formal Tea

Please call early for reservations as this is a one-time event and seating is limited. 419-297-9919

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