Ireland, it’s the one place on earth that heaven has kissed with melody, mirth, meadow and mist…

March finds us yearning for the fragrant and fresh greens of spring which naturally prompt us to look forward to our annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and our “Wear’n O the Green” Irish Tea. This month we will be blessed with spirited live Irish music, a cheerful fire in the hearth and the comfort foods of Ireland,  including:

  • Oat Raisin Scones with Apple Butter,
  • Guinness Pie,
  • Cucumber Tea Sandwiches,
  • Creamy Cheesy Potatoes,
  • Reuben Tea Sandwiches,
  • Vegetable Confetti Tea Sandwiches,
  • Carrot Cake,
  • Irish Pinwheel Peanut Butter Creams,
  • Apple Dumplings with Vanilla Ice Cream, and of course,
  • A wide selection of fragrant teas including; Harney and Son’s Irish Breakfast & Malachi McCormick Blend.

Fridays and Sundays,
March 9th through April 1st
Two Seatings: 11:00 ~ 1:00 & 2:30 ~ 4:30