As most of you know we try to accommodate special dietary needs
for our guests. If you have such a need, we ask you to call a week in
advance to let us know exactly what you require. We are not always
able to stock special ingredients and we buy them on an as needed
basis. We also require time to prepare these special dishes. We have
at times, due to a last minute request, had our chef run out to
purchase special ingredients in the middle of a tea in progress, which
as you can imagine, makes things difficult and puts everything
behind. We sincerely want to make the tea experience pleasurable for
everyone,and we ask that you make this possible by calling ahead to
allow us to make sure we have the ingredients we need to serve you
best. If you make a reservation less than one week ahead, feel free
to talk to us about your needs and we will let you know if we will be
able to accommodate you. We are happy to put forth the extra effort.
We love all our tea friends and want to do our very best to make your
visit a pleasure. Thank you so very much.