Our Formal Autumn Teas

Dear Friends,

At Sweet Shalom we encourage you to live in the moment this autumn, when the air is crisp and the sun bright. Take time to enjoy leaves crunching underfoot, the tart crispness of a fresh apple, the smell of wood fires and the miracle of autumn’s brilliant foliage. Our hope is to bring you contentment at the tea table this fall, and allow yourself time to reflect gratefully on the good things in life. We look forward to the pleasure of your company.

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Unique Monthly Menus

At Sweet Shalom, our celebration of afternoon tea is a delightful mix of European and American customs. As our guests relax and chat in our exquisite Victorian parlors, our friendly, costumed servers present each artfully garnished course on silver trays and antique china.

Each month is a new journey into the world of tea, literature, history and culture. We present a different theme and corresponding menu, serving splendid “made-from-scratch” delicacies and bottomless pots of fragrant premium loose leaf teas.

For fine teas and comestibles, we invite you to join us. Please call us today to make your reservation at 419-297-9919.

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Sit and Sip Days

We are now offering a light repast from our ala cart menu on our Wednesday and Thursday Sit and Sip days. On these days we offer a casual tea experience, but do require reservations. Please call ahead to make your reservations. Large parties and organizations are always welcome.

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The Beauty of Tea Time

Afternoon teas reflect a serene and gracious tradition. Taking tea is a comforting ritual, an occasion of good cheer, and a time of sharing special delights. With a cup of fragrant tea and delectable sweets and savories, made by those who care, we are secure and safe from the hurried pace of the world. Come then, to tea, with its promise of hours of good conversation, quiet contentment and shalom.

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