Summer Special!

We are offering a fabulous summer opportunity.

Bring new guests to tea on Fridays and Sundays and receive $7.00 off your bill for every guest you bring.

Keeping our doors open during these economic times is difficult. Many independent small businesses are closing. Soon we may be left with “cookie cutter” franchised restaurants only. Spread the love and support your local tea room. Bring a friend. Share our business cards.

Our Summertime Formal Menus

Come Then to Tea…

Come along with us this summer when the  very air is filled with the beckoning call of laughter, relaxation, and fun. This season’s teas are intended to provide a bit of the much needed happiness in our daily lives. The peacefulness of a well mannered tea, remembering the delicious fun of ethnic festivals and the hilarity of the Mad Hatter can all bring an afternoon of happiness. Doesn’t summer give us permission to enjoy a carefree blithe spirit—at least for a time? Come in—the kettle is on.

Enjoy our Summertime Formal Menus in  July and August. Call Today to Make Your Reservation 419.297.9919

Unique Monthly Menus

At Sweet Shalom, our celebration of afternoon tea is a delightful mix of European and American customs. As our guests relax and chat in our exquisite Victorian parlors, our friendly, costumed servers present each artfully garnished course on silver trays and antique china.

Each month is a new journey into the world of tea, literature, history and culture. We present a different theme and corresponding menu, serving splendid “made-from-scratch” delicacies and bottomless pots of fragrant premium loose leaf teas.

For fine teas and comestibles, we invite you to join us. Please call us today to make your reservation at 419-297-9919.

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The Beauty of Tea Time

Afternoon teas reflect a serene and gracious tradition. Taking tea is a comforting ritual, an occasion of good cheer, and a time of sharing special delights. With a cup of fragrant tea and delectable sweets and savories, made by those who care, we are secure and safe from the hurried pace of the world. Come then, to tea, with its promise of hours of good conversation, quiet contentment and shalom.

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