Elegant Afternoon Teas Served in the Finest Manner.


Autumn’s Formal Teas

Dear Tea Friends,

Come gather at our table as we celebrate this vibrant season, A season delightfully etched in tradition. You are invited to unpack your cares and settle in for a soothing visit. Enjoy thoughts of hearth and home; of special places, special times and special people. The nostalgic story of our old house, historic customs of the ladies and gentlemen on election days gone by, and gathering to celebrate the centuries old traditions of the art of quilting, will interest and amuse. As always Chef Krissy has planned a sumptuous repast of delicious sweets and savories.

Enjoy our Autumn Formal Teas in  November and December.

Call today to make your reservation, 419.297.9919


littlegirlAre you a person who has empathy for the suffering of those who are less fortunate, homeless, or hungry? Many of us are, and would like to help. But finding an honest organization that ensures donations go toward helping those in need and not in the pockets of administrators, is not always easy. Well, the folks at Sweet Shalom support one Toledo group that is doing their part to feed Toledo’s hungry.
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Where Are The Cookbooks?

cookbookDozens of our friends have been asking for a very long time about our second cookbook. We apologize for taking so long to get
it to you. Trust us when we say there have been difficulties that have slowed the process. Never the less, we are happy to announce that we are finally ready to go to press! The cost will be $14.95 each. If you would like a cookbook for yourself or a friend, please let us know. We will have you fill out an order form and pay a deposit of $7.00 for each book.

If we receive fifty orders by November 1, 2016 we will have them in the shop by December 16th. So stop in or give us a ring to order now and we will be sure to make that November deadline!