Our Summer Menus

Dearest Tea Friends,

Blissful summer is upon us and how blessed we are living where there are gardens, and trees, birds, and flowers, and tea with a bit of leisure to enjoy them all! How priceless it is to enjoy these simple pleasures and find times of happiness. And what can life offer in the way of pleasure to equal summer tea times? We’ve planned our teas this season with a focus on creating cheery gatherings with lighthearted and interesting monthly themes. In June travel with us to the tropical climes of Hawaii. In July our parlors will transform into imaginary Camp Tea-a-Cuppa where we’ll explore the fun of “Glamping,” and August will offer a Glitzy Great Gatsby Tea. In September, Anne of Green Gables will bring back memories of school days gone by. And we are proud to offer our exciting June & July Special Events!

Our Summertime Menus
June, July, August and September

June 25th Special Event

Miz Samantha’s Southern Belle Sweet Tea

Nothing in the South is more traditional than tea on the lawn.  Allow us to serve you in the finest manner, with Southern hospitality and sumptuous comfort foods….learn more.

July 16th Special Event

Second Annual Old Fashioned Pie Contest

Our pie contest last year was an amazing success and many of our guests asked us to make the contest an annual event…learn more.

The Cookbooks are In

January post cards back pdfOur new cookbooks are on the shelves! All those mouthwatering recipes you wished you had asked for are now conveniently gathered in this beautifully done collection. There are dozens of the dishes you have come to love. These cookbooks also make lovely gifts. Hurry in and pick up several. Limited quantities are available.