Dearest Tea Friends…
When the crisp autumn air gilds the grape arbor and turns the woods into a symphony of color, we look forward to setting beautiful places for all and carefully preparing meals with love. What can life offer in the way of pleasure to equal Fall and Winter tea times? We’ve planned our teas this season with a focus on creating snug and comfortable, gatherings and engaging monthly entertainment. In October we are offering a fun loving nostalgic 1970s tea. We promise this tea will be far out. Can you dig it? Then in November our Thanksgiving comfort foods will warm your heart and make your tummy smile, and in December, when snowflakes begin to frost our world, we are excited to bring you a captivating and mouthwatering Danish Hygge Tea, a unique holiday tea that we are very excited about. Finally, in January we feel the need for quiet coziness, with poetry and a crackling fire. And lastly, we are proud to offer our exciting “Cups for Pups” Event!
Come gather at our table….

Our formal tea menus for September,  October, NovemberDecember and January.

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